Wednesday, August 26, 2009

week 7

Entering this class this week with ease soul as I had finished the E-BOOK. after a while, we were given another lecture which is on editing audio. we were first were listening to few edited songs by puan Foziah..after that, we were divided into groups of 6 and started working on editing audio. for individuals, we have to edit any audio into anything according to our creativity. for group work, we were required to select an audio which is not clear anfd we have to 'repair' it and modified it to make it better audio. hope that we will be able to complete it before 3rd september 2009.huhu.


Which ONE is the REAL ball??

... Scroll down to know the answer.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 6

first and foremost, i would to apologize to Puan Foziah as i admit that i lost my concentration in her class this week because half of my mind was not here but in my hometown, KELANTAN. i just cannot wait to go back. to my surprise, she undertood us for not responding well to her as we are all will be going back to our hometown after her class. apart from all, i was introducedto something new in my life which is E-BOOK. we need to prepare a story or nursery rhymes and o it in powerpoint presentation. in this class, i have to show our draft on our story first. i wrote the story line but have been rejected because Puan Foziah wanted to see the story board. i was quite sad but i was not despair and quickly do the story board and show her. this time around, i add on with a nursery rhyme as a back up in case my story will be rejected once again.haha.but, thank God that she accepted both the story and the nursery rhymes. i was very happy and feel very satisfied as my effort was repay.huhu.see you next week.

wEEK 5

in this week, we learn something that i have learn before but very basic and i forgot about it already which is PhotoShop. it was a very interesting and good software. however, i personally think that it is quite 'leceh' and complicated for those people that not really into technology like me. i admit that it was a good software but i need time to learn it. however, the link that given by Puan Foziah on the tutorial for the photoshop, it made my life much easier. i just follow the steps and the product is quite encouraging. but somehow i will learn more about it as much more things can be done with the software. see you next week.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 4

In week 4, our class does not run smoothly because so many thing we cannot do due to the some technical problem because the internet does not working. Therefore, as this subject mainly using the internet, many things cannnot be done. however, what can i say is that Puan Foziah coped with that very well as she knows what to do and got a 'plan B' by asking us to do things that not needed the usage of internet. we are asked to do the tasks in the book and we were given one part in every chapter for each group. we work on it by reading our part, understand and put it in power point slides to be presented in the next class.