Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week 3

In the week 3, the work is becoming more and more until i said to myself ' is this true?it is impossible fror us to do all is too much'. then, i started to realize that it is the truth. i really have to do that. starting with learning on how to download MP3 song by michael jackson as a guidelines, there are like 20 more similar things that we must complete and upload in our skydrive. oh my God. if before this, i was in front my computer just for the social networking, and stuff, now i really have to be in front of computer and DOING REAL WORK...i dont know. maybe i still cant see the benefit now but no matter what..i still think that i can hardly cope with it and it is too much for me. i really hope that somehow i will bee able to finish not very good with IT, therefore, i really nedd help from my friends and lecturers. hope everyone can give good cooperation in order for me to complete the tasks..:)