Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Final Week Week 14

This is the final week we went to the Recourses class. There are sad feelings around us. I don’t know. Maybe it is like the last meeting with the lecturer or …. I don’t know. I flashed back through out all the 14 weeks, I have been complaining about everything. But now, I realize that with the assignments and tasks given to us, we somehow manage to improve our competency in ICT usage. There are people who think they were good enough but I somehow learnt a lot from this as I am not good in ICT usage. I just pray hard that some day in the future, after becoming a ‘real teacher’, I would be able to apply what I have been learning this whole semester to improve my teaching skills and to be able to grab students’ attention. Therefore, I can be a good teacher for my ‘future students’. I think, that’s about it. I finished my words. But before that, a very special thanks to our beloved lecturer, Puan Foziah and friends who gave me hands throughout the course. Thank you.