Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WeeK 9

Hye guys. We meet again after Hari Raya break. I was having a really great celebration in my hometown, Kelantan. Coming back to class, our new task that was given right before the holiday is video editing. During Hari raya, I only focusing on the celebration and forget for a while about the work, but now I have to ‘recover’ from the ‘homesick’.hehe. From the examples of videos shown to us by Puan Foziah, me and my pair, Idzyana actually had a lot of ideas. We were planning to follow trhe video format ad record the video. However, due to some ‘overlapped’ ideas between two of us, we finally decided to go to every single one of our cohort and asks for picture. we went through selection and choosing the suitable pictures to be inserted in the video for us to remember our journey from the very beginning we all in one big group with one band and one sound.huhu. I love you all. Hope our friendship will last forever.